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  • 1-22-75: Shootout at the zoo leaves two law enforcement personnel dead – Violence erupted at the Ft. Lewis Zoological Gardens today when a firefight broke out in the Basilisk tunnel. Among the casualities were UCAS MP Officer Frank Molinari, a first responder to the scene, and FBI Agent Seth Dietrich, who appeared to be the primary target of the violence. Dietrich had been declared a “Missing Person” by the FBI since last November, and has been linked to an ongoing investigation of the violence leading up to the 2074 elections. Unfortunately, the tree canopy prevented any eye-in-the sky footage from being captured, but here is a composite trideo of the events as captured by several witnesses’ personal tridfeeds: <<link />>.
    • DREK!!!!!!
      • Bull
    • That sucks. Dietrich was a good man. Looks like an exchange gone bad.
      • Netcat
  • 1-20-75: Aztechnology opens new research station in Antarctica. – Aztechnology, the world’s most beloved corporation, announces the opening of the new Tezcatlipoca Geological Research Station in Antarctica. The name refers to the Aztec God of Cold, and the world’s largest food producer is inviting scientists of all ilks to join them in their efforts to make the region more productive. Aztechnology now joins Saeder-Krupp as the second AAA corporation to make significant investment in Antarctica.
    • “God of Cold”. Hah. They conveniently left off the “God of Death and Evil” aspects of Tezcat. And now Blood Magic, Incorporated has a heavy presence in mana-wild Antarctica. What could possibly go wrong?
      • Miguel

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